Nutrition & Fitness Introduction

I wanted to start this blog with the main ideas on what worked for me. Then I wanted to break it down and talk about each subject in detail in future blog posts. I have lost 70 pounds. I feel the most important part is I am off all meds and a clean bill of health from doctor. I accomplished this by slowly making changes in my diet but also added in fitness. I also made small goals. When I started I was 250 pounds and looking at the big picture was just too much to bear. My first goal was 10 pounds. I believe small changes added in will make it not so overwhelming but also be lifetime change. Making a lot of changes at once my make you run the other way or just gain more weight in the long run.

This is what worked for me:
1) Glueten free – Mostly —-
a) lowered my blood pressure some more and off my acid reflux meds

2) Soda Free
a) helped with relief with acid reflux
b) throat not so sore from the soda

3) Whole foods
a) I just do not eat salads. I have a kinds of protiens. Its not all read meat but I have a nice balance. I like the variety.

4) Shakeology
a) I have for breakfast every day. It has made me healthier that I could not do on my own. ( A lot more info on this to come)

5) Not eating late
a) very important, helped with acid reflux too.


1) Start out with what you like. Challenge yourself every workout You are not in competition with others just yourself.

2) Turbo Fire – Fitness dvd that uses cardio class – burn up to 9x more calories….we will talk more about this.

3) Running – started run one minute walk for 3 minutes. End result running a 1/2 marathon August 2011.

4) Mix in weights to your workout

5) Workout at the gym and at home. Ton of benefits at both locations

In this blog I will break down what workouts I like and what workouts really challenged me. Like I said, I am not a doctor or a trainer. I am just writing about the things I know and worked for me.

My main goal is to inspire others. I turned a really bad chain of events to a positive journey.

Believe in yourself kind of moment.


Jennifer Babec – Fitness


Hi there,

My name is Jennifer Babec.

I have led an extraordinary life. My family and I have faced unreal obstacles and over come unbelievable challenges. I have in more ways than I can begin to express, been tested, time and time again.

I struggled, for much of my adult life, with maintaining and living a healthy life style. My daughter, now 12(idk), has bravely faced cancer, Pre-B Non-Hodgkins Lymblastic Lymphoma, and I have done my best to support her while maintaining a healthy diet and exercise plan. I have had a lot of success, by exercising, eating right, and using Shakeology and the Turbo Fire work out program.

I want to help others find the success that I have. I want to let others know that eating right and being healthy is something we can all do. We are all capable of great things. Let me help you be great.

I found a lot of success in the Shakeology program. Their system of delicious shakes and supplements have helped me control my unhealthy eating habits, create a clean lifestyle, and lose weight as a result.

I have also found the Turbo Fire work out program to jump start my personal fitness goals. Using the Turbo Fire system, I’ve been able to loose a lot of the extra weight I had gained during my daughters recovery. I have been able to find a work-out routine that works for me and continues to work for me.

On my blog, I will post recipes, fitness how-to’s, wellness guides, fitness updates, and recommendations to help you live a cleaner and healthier life.

Check back from time to time for updates or subscribe to my blog for instant updates to your email.